Domestic Auto Repair in Richardson, TX

Domestic Auto Repair in Dallas, TX

Domestic Auto RepairAs a full service auto repair shop in Dallas we take pride in being able to service all makes and models of vehicles, including those built right here in America. Our domestic auto care services meet or exceed those provided at dealerships, making Rallye Auto Service an affordable alternative for factory scheduled maintenance and other repairs for your domestic vehicle. Whether you're having trouble getting the car started, or there is issues with the vehicle's stopping power you can trust the pros at Rallye Auto Service to get the job done right the first time. Call us today at our Dallas location (972) 996-7308 to schedule an appointment for professional domestic auto repair in Dallas.

Ford Repair in Dallas

We service all brands under the Ford umbrella, including those no longer in production. We repair Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brand vehicles using state of the art computer diagnostic equipment to identify issues and provide regular maintenance.

General Motors Repair in Dallas

GM has owned and developed many car brands in their long history, including Hummer, GMC, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, and of course Chevrolet. At Rallye Auto Service we can take care of any of these manufacturers in our modern auto repair shop. For Chevrolet repair in Dallas, or any other GM brand vehicle, contact our expert team today!

Chrysler Repair in Dallas

The Chrysler Corporation is another Detroit born brand with many branches, including Jeep, Dodge and the now defunct Plymouth. We repair all brands of Chrysler vehicles on site at our Richardson auto repair facility.

Scheduled Maintenance

In order to get a long life out of your vehicle it is important to stick to its factory scheduled maintenance plan. At Rallye Auto Service we use the same techniques as the dealerships in order to provide your ride with the maintenance it needs to remain safe and healthy. We conduct oil changes and filter replacement, fluid flushes, tune ups, state inspections, safety checks, 30/60/90K services or more for all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles.

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle don't wait to have the issue checked out, as that will only allow the problem to get worse. Bring your vehicle to Rallye Auto Service today for expert domestic auto repair in Dallas. Call us today at our Dallas location (972) 996-7308 to schedule an appointment for transmission repair, alternator or starter replacement, brake repair, cooling system maintenance or any other service!


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5 Stars
"I have been looking for a new repair shop that I could trust and be confident that they were acting in my best interest and I have found it. I'm so impressed with how I was treated and taken care of. Paul was very thorough in the explanation and I'm sure they only did what really needed to be done I'm and I felt the price was very good. I'm actually looking forward my next car repair.. I would absolutely recommend this shop to my friends and family!"

5 Stars
"Honest Auto Service.
If you're in the area and looking for a great mechanic shop with good prices, fast service and the most important and hard thing to find these days ,HONEST BUSINESS, this is your space.

Paul was very helpful since the second I walked in the door, helped me with my estimate and getting the order ready for parts.

Prices were acceptable and fair with no trying to up charge or ups sale me on extra unnecessary repairs.

After the work was done Paul contacted me to let me know the car was ready and he din't just hand me the keys and a invoice no, he made sure to show me what was done in my vehicle and showed me the old replaced parts. Great building customer trust.

One last this that for some could be just a joke but for me was really important was once I had paid and was ready to leave Paul shook my hand and said:

"Thank you Sir I don't want to see you soon"

That literally showed me the type of work done in my vehicle I was confident that I wouldn't have problems again.

Oh and one last thing: After a week of getting my car out of the Center the CEO sent me a text just to verify if Ive had had any issues with my car since.

Great Establishment."