4 Signs that it's Time for Transmission Repair

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4 Signs that it's Time for Transmission Repair

You go about your daily routine in a way that is heavily reliant on your car or truck. Especially if you have a newer model, it's easy to forget that your vehicle is a composite of a massive number of moving parts that experience extreme stresses as they go about doing their job. You go about your day---heading to the office, then to pick up the kids, then to pick up dinner---always on the go, go, go. You may not feel like you're putting a ton of miles on your car since you're not out roadtripping around the country, but still the numbers on your odometer turn. And as the miles rack up, your car and all of its intricate parts continue to wear down. While this is inevitable with every vehicle, there are still ways to save yourself some money on repair costs. One of the best ways to save yourself some loot is to be able to identify the symptoms of a problem right when they first arise. By catching the problem early, you'll potentially limit the damage being done to your car. One of the systems in your car that will almost certainly need to be addressed at some point is the transmission. There are a number of indicators that could suggest transmission trouble. Here are four of the common signs:

Smells like burning

If there's a burning smell drifting up from under your hood, this could be indicative of a number of different issues. One thing it could mean is that you're burning up transmission fluid, meaning that the fluid is running too hot, making it difficult for it to satisfactorily do its job. One way you can help determine if this is the issue is by keeping an eye on your fluid level.


If you're noticing that there is a pool of fluid one the ground where you usually park, this could a sign of a transmission fluid leak. It might be oil, but if it's reddish or brownish in color, then you might suspect transmission fluid. Again, you can check your fluid levels as a way to help determine if you've got a leak. But if you refill, be mindful that overfilling poses its own set of problems.

Stalling out

If you're sitting at a stop light and all of the sudden your car stalls out, it's possible that the cause is faulty transmission lines. If this is the case you'll want to get to the shop as quickly as possible so you don't end up spending more than necessary.

Gear slippage

This is a classic sign. If you're just coasting along and all of a sudden you pop out of gear, you'll want to get to the mechanic as soon as you can. At this point, you don't have total control of your vehicle and are now a safety hazard on the road.

If you're considering getting in for transmission work, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Richardson area, the experts to contact are at Rallye Auto Service at (972) 996-7308. Let Rallye help you feel safe on the road.

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