4 Must Know Signs it's Time for Brake Repair

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4 Must Know Signs it's Time for Brake Repair

Time for Brake RepairWhile regular auto maintenance is necessary for many vehicle systems one of the most important aspects of a car that needs to be kept in the best shape possible is the brakes. Good brakes could mean the difference between a catastrophic accident and being able to stop in time. Are you able to recognize these signs of brake failure? Being able to will allow you make an appointment for brake repair at your local auto mechanic as soon as you notice any potential trouble or safety concerns.

Spongy Brake Pedal

If you push on the brake pedal and it goes straight to the floor or feels spongy there is a good chance that your brake pads have worn down. However it could be a more serious issue, such as air in the brake lines or even a brake fluid leak.

Squealing or Howling Noise

A squealing, grinding or howling noise that happens when you hit the brakes is a sign of worn brake pads. It can either be initiated by a small mechanism in the pads designed to let you know they are low or it could be metal on metal contact, meaning your car has no brake pads, which greatly reduces braking power.


If your car vibrates when you hit the pedal there is a good chance you have a warped rotor. Rotors are what the brake pads grab on to in order to slow your vehicle and if they are warped there is not a smooth surface for the pads to grab, inhibiting the system's ability to slow the car.

Vehicle Pulls to the Side

Your car should continue in a straight line when you hit the brakes so if it tries to swerve to the side when you brake you're likely experiencing a symptom of uneven brake pad wear. However this could also be caused by impurities in the brake line or a stuck brake cylinder.

Whatever symptom of brake trouble you're having, be sure the issue gets taken care of as soon as possible. Driving with bad brakes is very unsafe. For expert brake repair in Richardson contact Rallye Auto Service. Our team of certified technicians will be able to fix any issue with the brake system in your car truck or SUV. We also can perform shock and suspension repair, engine diagnostics, transmission service and more for both import and domestic vehicles. Call Rallye Auto Service today at (972) 996-7308 to schedule an appointment for professional auto repair in Richardson!

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