4 Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

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4 Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Sure, gas prices are down. That doesn't mean you should give up on saving even more money. When we feel like we're getting a good deal, it's easy to settle for less, and be happy that we saved at least some money. But why not maximize those savings? And the reality is that, based on historical price trajectories, gas prices are likely to shoot back up---so it's a good idea to get in the practice of ensuring that you're getting the best fuel efficiency possible. The oil companies are already making billions of dollars in profits. There's no need for you to give them anything extra. Keep those extra dollars inside your pocket by following a few basic guidelines. For the most part, following along with a factory maintenance schedule will be what best ensures that your are getting the most miles out of each dollar you spend. When you go to the mechanic there are a number of ways that they can help you be sure that you're maximizing your fuel efficiency. Here are four of those ways:

Keep Your Tires Inflated

In short, the more rubber there is that's touching the pavement, the more power that needs to be exerted. And we all know that more power means more fuel. By reducing that friction with the ground, you'll be able to reduce the amount of energy that is necessary to keep you moving forward. It's a pretty simple task, really. It's more a slight inconvenience than a full-fledged maintenance issue. All you've got to do is pop by the gas station, toss a couple quarters into the machine, and take a minute to be sure that your tires are properly inflated. Without a doubt, it'll be worth that small effort.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every 30.000 miles you should be popping into the shop to make sure things are running smoothly. Your car is an incredibly complex piece of machinery and there are a number of individual parts that can wear down. Those parts that are wearing down often require your car to work harder. If your car has to work harder, than there's a good chance it's burning more fuel to do so.

Replace Air Filter According to Owner's Manual

If the air filter gets dusty, clogging up the flow, than your car will have to huff and puff even harder than it's already required to. Keeping the air filter replaced in accordance with the owner's manual is a relatively easy task that will help you save dollars at the pump.

Replace Spark Plugs

If you're spark plugs are corroded, then you could well end up experiencing issues with misfire. Misfires make your car work hard, for no good reason. This can result in a loss of fuel as your car struggles to do its job.

If you're considering getting maintenance done that could increase your gas mileage, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Richardson area, the experts to get in touch with are at Rallye Auto Service at (972) 996-7308. They're available for any of your maintenance needs, including making sure that you get the most out your visit to the gas station.

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