How to Identify Vehicle Fluid Leaks?

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How to Identify Vehicle Fluid Leaks?

If you notice a leak coming from your car, truck or SUV there is a good chance you will need an immediate repair on your vehicle. To expedite the repair process it would be beneficial to you if you can identify the fluid leaking from your vehicle so you can inform the mechanic exactly what needs to be serviced when you bring your vehicle to the auto repair shop. Use this guide to identify what is leaking from your car and relay the information to your mechanic when you make an appointment for auto repair

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is often clear or a light brown color and has a slimy feel. If there's a leak it will likely accumulate near a tire or under the brake master cylinder. A brake fluid leak is very dangerous and warrants an immediate trip to the repair shop to ensure your stopping power is not diminished.

Oil Leak

One of the quickest fluids to identify that your car uses is oil. It is generally black or light brown, depending on how new or used it is. Engine oil can seep from many places, such as seals and gaskets. If you notice an oil leak speak to your mechanic about the best way to address the problem.

Transmission Fluid

If you notice a puddle of reddish fluid under your car you've likely found a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid ensures your car will shift accurately and smoothly and if you operate a vehicle low on transmission fluid it can cause major damage to to the system.

Differential Fluid

The fluid your differential uses looks and feels similar to transmission fluid so the best way to tell the difference is to see where the leaking fluid is collecting. If it is near the rear of the car it is much more likely to be from the differential than the transmission.

Coolant Leak

The fluid that goes into your radiator to keep the engine cool is usually bright green, but can also be yellow or pink. If there is a coolant leak the engine is at risk of overheating, which can cause extensive damage requiring hefty repairs.

Be sure to have fluid leaks addressed as soon as you notice them to minimize damage. For professional fluid leak repair in Richardson contact the superior auto repair team at Rallye Auto Service. Our certified mechanics will be able to quickly diagnose and repair leaks from anywhere in your car! Call Rallye Auto Service today at (972) 996-7308 to schedule an appointment for affordable auto repair in Richardson for your import or domestic vehicle!

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